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ECG Sensing Solution for Vital Signs Monitoring

This technology provides an electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring solution to accurately measure health performance metrics via electrode-based sensors,...

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Real-time Coherent Raman Imaging of Human Tissue and Other Materials

The current standard of tumor diagnostics is histopathology, where excisions are taken from the tissue of a diseased patient,...

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High-performance Nanocoating Technology that Bonds Dissimilar Materials

Currently, materials like metals and plastics are joined by glues and screws, but they do not offer appropriate adhesion,...

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Success Stories

Teaming Up to Create Smart Solutions

When a Singapore company that distributes smart waste bins met a Finnish firm that produces wall robots that clean building exteriors at a technology matching event co-organised by IPI and the Helsinki Business Hub, the two were drawn to each other. Their focus on...

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Tasty Buns that are also Good for Health

Driven by its appetite for innovation, home-grown company Lim Kee Food Manufacturing has teamed up with a foodtech firm to improve its popular steamed buns.  As one of Singapore’s leading Chinese pau (steamed bun) makers, Lim Kee Food Manufacturing has...

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“For JST, concluding this MOU with IPI is a very significant step in extending the use of Japanese intellectual property worldwide. With a view to expanding into other Asian markets in particular, cooperation with Singaporean institutions like IPI makes for far greater possibilities in the marketing of technology."

Dr Masashi Shimada, Deputy Director General, Center for Intellectual Property Strategies (CIPS) of JST