Virtual Reality (VR) Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Assessment For Children

Technology Overview

Our Kids Intelligence Development Through Sport Fundamental Movement Skills assessment is a world’s first fully automated Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) assessment system that consists of the following:

  • Assessor’s online portal
  • Assessor’s FMS assessment mobile app

Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the company assessment system is the world’s first fully automated FMS assessment system incorporating motion capture technology.

Technology Features & Specifications

Online portal for Test & Data management
○ Assessment planning
○ Database of Certified Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

○ Resource bank

  • Test management
  • Client data management
  • Auto-generated assessment reports
    • Individual report
      • highlights a child’s FMS competencies based on his/her current development status, in comparison with age-specific norms
      • Includes simple take-home strategies for improvement of the bottom 3 FMS
    • Team report
      • Combines every child’s profile in a group
      • Highlights the group’s overall FMS competencies
  • Mobile App
    • Attendance taking
    • FMS Assessment
    •  Access to report upon completion of FMS assessment

Assessment system utilizing cutting-edge motion capture technology to:
○ Automate bulk of the FMS assessment protocol

  • Manage the entire testing (i.e., movement capture)-scoring-report generation process
  • Ensure consistent and objective assessment of FMS
  • Reduce assessors’ administrative work during and post-assessment
  • Provide improved accuracy of performance score tabulation

Potential Applications

Our assessment is a tool used to assess the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) in children. This assessment and the accompanying report can be used to:

  1. obtain information on the status of motor development of a child

  2. provide practical recommendations to strengthen a child’s FMS, and

  3. tailor coaching instructions to better meet the needs of each child.

Using Virtual Reality (VR) Technology, the assessment system is a one-of-its-kind motion capture tool used to assess the FMS in children. An upgrade to the assessment tool, this VR-based system provides schools, sporting associations and independent assessors with an assessment option that boasts:

  1. more objectivity

  2. higher accuracy, and

  3. less administrative responsibilities.

Customer Benefits

● Instant generation of reports (i.e. Individual & Team) upon completion of the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) assessment

● Ability to send a report to relevant personnel with a click of a button

Effective Planning
● The test planning function in the portal allow:

  • Effective allocation of human resources
  • Accurate calculation of assessment duration and number of participants

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