Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Technology

Technology Overview

We have developed an underwater wireless optical communication modem (UWOCM) that offers excellent data transmission speed, a short standby time and low power consumption compare to acoustic communication modem. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for data collection from underwater sensor, underwater wireless video transmissions, and the wireless interface between remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV)/autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and the sea floor infrastructure. For underwater high-speed communication, UWOCM provides an effective solution.

Technology Features & Specifications


  • Designed with Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology
  • Equipped with light source and light-receiving sensor which are suitable for underwater environment
  • Equipped with a filter which is resistant to optical noise to reduce the error rate of transmitted and received data
  • Data modulation and demodulation technology were applied to transmit and receive data smoothly
  • Wide supply voltage range option
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) power supply available
  • Support most serial communication interfaces that are widely used in the industrial sites including UART, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, and Ethernet
  • Communication speed(underwater): ~ 100Mbps
  • Communication distance(underwater): Depends on turbidity. Generally ~ Tens of meters
  • The UWOCM can be customized based on the clients’ requirements.



  • UWOCM transmitter and receiver are arranged in a straight line at a certain distance, depending on the water turbidity.
  • Wireless connectivity between UWOCM transmitter and underwater sensors
  • When the power is turned on, data is transmitted from the underwater sensor to the UWOCM receiver

Potential Applications

UWOCM enables underwater communication and can be used in a variety of situations, including

  • Harvesting of large data sets from subsea instrumentations
  • Tether-free subsea ROV/AUV/underwater drone remote control
  • Wireless live video streaming for unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs)
  • Data harvesting with gliders or unmanned surface vehicles (USVs)
  • Bottom to surface data upload
  • Wireless data access for underwater infrastructures
  • Highly energy efficient communications for battery powered underwater devices
  • Scuba diving activities & training

Customer Benefits

UWOCM uses VLC technology, so it can be used for both underwater and land-based activities. Due to the VLC characteristics (e.g., excellent data transmission speed, a short standby time and low power consumption), it can be used for various purposes through the modification of UWOCM, such as military equipment, smart factory, smart farm, hospital, performance, shopping mall, exhibition space, etc.

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