TCM Formulation for Management of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Technology Overview

Diabetic kidney disease is a common cause of end stage renal disease in type-2 diabetes. There are treatment methods for reducing the risk of progression to end stage renal disease. However, these therapies do not provide complete renal protection, and diabetic patients continue to show a high renal risk. Therefore, there is a pressing need for alternative approaches and novel therapies to manage nephropathy in type-2 diabetes, by controlling the urine protein and creatinine levels and prolonging the time to dialysis.

The invention is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulation with beneficial effects on kidney function. It manages both the root cause and symptoms of diabetic kidney disease. Patients with diabetic nephropathy showed signs of kidney function improvement, evident from reduced creatinine levels after consumption of the herbal concoction over at least 4 weeks.


Technology Features & Specifications

The formulation is prepared from at least nine herbs commonly used in TCM. 

Local TCM practitioners have prescribed the formulation to patients with diabetic nephropathy, to be taken with anti-diabetic medications. The observed reduction of serum creatinine in patients following 6 to 24 weeks of treatment with the herbal concoction suggests that the latter may be potentially beneficial for kidney well-being. Thus far, no adverse effects have been reported in patients taking the concoction.

Potential Applications

The safety and efficacy of the formulation will be further studied clinically at a local hospital. The product can be potentially marketed beyond the Singapore market as a made-in-Singapore Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) or medication for diabetes kidney disease.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Singapore has the highest incidence of diabetes induced kidney failure in the world and it ranked sixth in the world for new cases of kidney failure. Every day, 4.7 new kidney patients are diagnosed.

East Mediterranean countries have the highest incidence of diabetes of up to 20% of the adult population, Diabetes may develop into kidney disease. As diabetes may cause damage to blood vessels and nerves in the body hindering the kidneys from functioning properly, patients with diabetes eventually may suffer from kidney failure. 

Customer Benefits

  • Low cost
  • Complements conventional treatment
  • Improved kidney functions

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