STRAIT: Secure and Privacy-Customisable Data Transmission for Internet-of-Things

Technology Overview

The growth of smart, autonomous and connected devices in our everyday lives is also punctuated by the vulnerability of these systems towards malicious attacks, capturing sensitive private data or sending fraudulent, unauthenticated information. Furthermore, privacy-aware citizenry often contests the intrusion of such devices, thereby limiting their applicability. Therefore, future smart devices should also possess two important features namely, end-to-end security and customisable privacy. We intend to address this growing segment by presenting a secure sensing platform. Using our novel end-to-end security and customisable privacy technologies integrated with an advanced compressive sensing algorithm, we are able to secure the transmission and significantly reduce the volume of data to be transmitted. The entire platform is designed for a resource-constrained environment and can run on very low power/energy budget.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Support for standard ciphers (AES) as well as new ciphers (PRESENT, GIFT)

  • Portable across large range of prototype boards, including FPGA boards, micro-controller-based boards. ASIC prototypes are also available on request

  • Support for standard video/image codecs and real-time video processing


  • Lightweight encryption and authentication hardware IP

  • Customizable end-to-end encryption for video/image transmission

  • Novel low-resource lossy compression algorithm and implementation


  • Novel low-resource lossy compression algorithm and implementation

Potential Applications

The broad technology domains, where this solution can be utilised

  • Secure and privacy-preserving image/video transmission

  • Secure IoT transmission

  • Predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0


The industrial sectors (broadly applicable to industry 4.0), where this can be adopted

  • Healthcare

  • Mass Media

  • Manufacturing

  • Transport

  • Telecommunications


Some of the prominent use-cases that we will target with this product are following

  • Indoor monitoring of aging population with customizable privacy

  • Recording and broadcasting of sensitive data for surveillance purpose

  • Recording of video/audio/image for body-worn camera

  • CCTV monitoring of premises

Customer Benefits

  1. End-to-end Security for IoT communication

    1. Key management

    2. Lightweight symmetric-key encryption  (AES, PRESENT)

    3. Authentication (AES, CAESAR finalists)

  2. Lightweight implementation with over-the-top (OTT) security layer

  3. Configurable privacy with novel lossy compression algorithm

  4. Ready portability with multiple platform support

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