Smart Building Self-Registration System

Technology Overview

Our Smart Building Self-Registration System is a comprehensive and modern building registration system that integrates the entire meeting registration and security access process. The system is a seamless and automated solution aimed at enhancing workplace productivity, reduce front desk and security cost with minimal hardware and inventories. With the possibility to being integrated with various access ways, besides the main entrance, the Smart Building Self-Registration System provides precise access control down to individual rooms and according to time periods. For the visitor or regular occupant, not only will it shorten time taken to access the building, the eliminated manual entry procedures gives users a sense of ease, and property owners the peace-of-mind.

Technology Features & Specifications

The Smart Building Self-Registration System comprises: Visitor’s/Contractor’s Management System (VMS/CMS) Onsite Self-Registration System (Smart Lobby) Entrance Access System/Office Access System (Secure Lobby/Smart Office) Smart Visitor Location Tracking System (Smart Tracker) The integrated system employs web application technologies; telephony technologies including Android/iOS; and printer/gantry/access control device firmware. The advantages of the Smart Building Self-Registration System: Eliminates onsite lobby traffic through quick and easy offsite pre-registration. Reduces front desk and security manpower thereby increases productivity. Easy identification of authorized visitors through integrated badge printing system. Finely timed access control through automated gantries/doors access including main entrance and individual rooms. Visitors’ information and movement are stored and tracked digitally, enabling easy traceability. Locational positioning modules allows more accurate locational tracking in real-time. VMS/CMS allows visitors watch-lists and alerts.

Potential Applications

The Smart Building Self-Registration System will enhance the operations of: Condominiums and Cluster Residences, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Building and factories Public Institutions, and any other building or facilities with moderate to heavy traffic. Facility management may also implement Smart Building Self-Registration to work in tandem with front-desk reception, to supplement manual procedures and improve service speed and quality.

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