Real Time Simulated Realities Replicating Physical World for Complex Visual & Spatial Data

Technology Overview

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology is making it possible for computers to understand the world. By allowing them to see the world through the lens of highly detailed simulated realities, computers are able to learn how things work and to change the way we make decisions. This is achieved by creating digital replicas of real world locations, then infusing real time spatial data sets with a high degree of statistical accuracy from both open and proprietary sources. The resulting simulations are realistic and fully digital, allowing large scale machine learning and data analysis at an unprecedented scale. The cloud-based platform allows companies operating in physical domains, such as infrastructure construction, to make more informed decisions based on multiple variables at large scale and high levels of complexity. We call this ‘Visual Intelligence’, a subset of Artificial Intelligence focussed on teaching computers how to understand and interact with the real world.

Technology Features & Specifications

Scalable The technology can host, combine, visualise, crop and download all the point clouds associated with a project, with no limit on size, making it the simplest way to share models and designs with non-technical users or clients. Rapid, simple and user-friendly Complex site measurements, including calculating dimensions, volumes, and slopes of any physical surface or object can be made with just a few clicks, allowing for more accurate planning. Intelligently suggested measurements - like recenlty completed ones - appear as suggestions, making life that little bit easier. Cloud-based and accessible Based in the cloud, the technology is able to aggregate and visualise billions of data points from any device without the need for technical expertise or expensive software licenses. Secure Cloud hosted anywhere in the world Our platform is hosted in secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, ensuring your data is safe, controlled and provides a cloud-hosted central environment for multiple teams to collaborate, learn and make informed decisions. Access does not require any installation or proprietary software to work, just an internet connection.

Potential Applications

The  technology simulates reality at a far greater level in scale and computational complexity than previously possible, in a fully machine-readable format. The first iteration for the construction market allows users to assess the site in real time and discuss plans in a visual and intuitive manner. It provides the virtual backdrop for complex data, making it easy to track critical variables across a project. The same technology can also be applied to complex real world environments. Potential applications include operating smart cities to understand interlinked variables, understanding transport infrastructure flows, telecommunications networks or the behaviour of fleets of autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, applications in city management, telecommunications, infrastructure and logistics, energy, transportation, traffic control and the Internet of Things can be explored. Proof of concept and pilot projects include the simulation of the city of Cambridge in UK, working with the city council to map the city’s infrastructure, traffic, pedestrians and other layers in a complex real time city simulation.

Customer Benefits

Customers are able to answer questions about their physical environment with the click of a button. Whether it is related to the environment, travel or the integrity of their infrastructure. By pulling in data from a variety of sources, our technology is able to accurately model the physical environment in real time. It does this by using high quality 3D models, as well as IoT sensors and environmental information.  Through the lens of our simulated reality, users can navigate their way through the real world, giving them the context they need to make smarter, more informed decisions. By having a real-time simulated reality, customers are able to save time and money on their projects, or when maintaining physical assets, even whole cities. Furthermore, by removing the need for ‘boots on the ground’, our technology makes it safer to manage and maintain physical infrastructure.

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