A Rapid Method of Generating Live Attenuated Vaccines

Technology Overview

This technology is a rapid and reliable method of generating safe live attenuated vaccines (LAVs). These LAVs could be used for preventing human and animal viral diseases.



Live attenuated vaccines (LAVs) contain pathogens, including viruses that are viable but have reduced virulence. LAVs are typically more effective than inactivated vaccines and have been successful in preventing many viral diseases, including smallpox, chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella and yellow fever.

Conventionally, LAV development has mostly relied on chance discovery of attenuated strains of pathogens upon serial passage in cell lines or animals. More recently, targeted site-directed mutagenesis has been employed to develop “attenuated” strains of pathogens although these candidates have yet to be translated into vaccines for use in humans. Consequently, identifying suitably attenuated strains of pathogens for further development into vaccines remains a lengthy process, typically involving years, with a hit or miss outcome. In addition to unreliable outcomes, current methods of vaccine development involve significant costs. Therefore, there is a need to provide a rapid and reliable method to generate LAVs that overcome, or at least ameliorate, the disadvantages described above.

Technology Features & Specifications

The invention is a rapid and reliable method for generating LAVs. The total time taken from isolation of a wild-type viral strain to the generation of a suitable LAV candidate is only about 10 weeks, a significant reduction from the time taken to generate LAVs by using conventional methods. A ZIKV LAV generated using this method was shown to be safe and immunogenic, and successful in preventing ZIKV associated mortality in animal models.

Potential Applications

This new method can be used for manufacturing safe and effective LAVs for prevention of human infectious diseases such as RSV, ZIKA and Dengue and animal viral diseases. 

Customer Benefits

LAVs to prevent human and animal viral diseases can be generated quicker than convention methods.

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