Pulse Diagnostic for Traditional Medicine

Technology Overview

Pulse palpation is the main diagnostic method used in Indian, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese medicine. However, mastering pulse diagnosis requires many years of experience. The tech-partner has developed a pulse diagnostic technology for use in device to perform pulse analysis.

This technology uses a combination of hardware and software system for performing pulse analysis, and creating an individual rehabilitation program based on naturopathy. It is intended to be used by professionals of traditional medicine and their patient. 

Technology Features & Specifications

This pulse analysis technology uses electrical and mechanical occurrences happening in the heart to create the external characteristics of the pulse wave. It will then analysed the heart rate using mathematical methods and allows estimating functions of particular organs and systems, as well as the patient’s health status in general. 

The technology can be included in the device for different purposes. For home application, it can be used for daily monitoring of heart functioning and prevention of cardiovascular disease. For professional usage, it can be used for further and more thorough examination of patients in the healthcare center. This technology has been certified in devices used for health centers.

Potential Applications

The pulse diagnostic technology is intended to be used for medical centers of traditional medicine. It can also be used as a training device for specialists to update their skills and knowledge, and for beginner to learn more about traditional medicine.

It can also be used by specialists in the wellness industry, eg. Ayurveda salons, aroma-therapist, nutritionists, reflexologist, etc. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

The tech partner is looking to explore new opportunities for product innovation. They hope to work with companies to co-develop new applications to utilize the pulse diagnostic technology for devices through joint-venture and product development.

The traditional medicine market grows annually by about 10%. The global alternative medicine and therapies market size was over USD 30.0 billion in 2014 (Grand view research). 

Customer Benefits

This technology can help to assess the functional status of patients. It can provide distant monitoring of changes in the patient’s condition via the internet and home appliance. It will also include recommendations on, aromatherapy, diet therapy, and lifestyle, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

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