Plant-Derived Nano-delivery Technology to Improve Bioavailability of Actives

Technology Overview

This technology offer is plant-derived nanoparticles that act as carriers of large numbers of biologically active payloads into living cells of plants, animals and humans. The nanoparticles protect the actives from degradation and transport them into the cytoplasm. Data indicates that the internalization process is not endocytotic in nature. The nanodelivery system is being deployed in several applications including food, beverage, agriculture and pharmaceuticals.

Technology Features & Specifications

There are two different nanostructures made from the same plant materials. They have different biophysical properties and thus are used in different applications. The technology is patented covering composition, manufacturing process and uses. Results from three animal studies are available showing efficacy in a nutrition supplement model. There is also in-vitro data in models of cancer showing profound efficacy in MDR (multiple drug resistant) cancers.

Potential Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Optimizing RNAi delivery, pest control
  • Post harvest technology – increased shelf life
  • Phytosanitary antipathogen agents
  •  Human Health, Wellness & Nutrition
  • SlimLiiv™ – obesity control, anti-inflammatory
  • Topicals for inflammation of joints
  • Increase bioavailability of pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Stabilize water-insoluble beverage components
  • Drinks to control chronic pain
  • Nutrition bars
  • Animal Nutrition & Health
  • Increase bioavailability vitamins/metals
  • Increase bioavailability of pharmaceuticals

Market Trends and Opportunities

The markets for this technology are large and growing globally. We summarize them as follows:

Market                      Size (US$B)            Growth Rate (%)                            

Weight Loss Supplement   $23                      6.0

Food Ingredient                $34                     7.8

Agricultural Biotech           $89                     7.1

Pharma - Cancer              $121                    7.4

Pharma - Inf Diseases      $42                      3.0

Cannabis Legal                 $50                    40.0

Customer Benefits

Our technology overcomes the problem of poor bioavailability. We can deliver bioligically active molecules orally in high concentrations. This can:

  • improve efficacy
  • speed onset of action
  • avoid degradation
  • lower cost of goods
  • improve the environment due lower of greenhouse gas emmissions

Our material is anti-inflammatory as opposed to the state of the art lipid based nanomaterials which are pro-inflammatory.

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