Optical Immunoassay (OIA) Kit for Rapid On-site Fish Disease Diagnosis

Technology Overview

Iridoviruses cause systemic diseases in fishes. They are a significant cause of mortality in more than 32 species of cultured marine and freshwater fishes and a few species of ornamental fishes such as the Gourami species, Dwarf gourami, angel fish, guppies, platys and doctor fish.  There is an immediate need for on-site iridoviral disease Healthcare - Diagonostics that could potentially help in farm biosecurity risk management.

The technology owner has developed an optical immunoassay (OIA) based iridovirus detection kit “Irido-OIA” that acts as a screening tool for on-site sample processing and detection of iridoviruses in fishes. They are seeking industry partners to further develop and commercialise this technology.

Technology Features & Specifications

The kit comprises of  a sample processing (tissue and blood) gadgets, and a disposable test device that can detect both virus and host response (specific antibody response) in a single test.

The Irido-OIA kit has the following key features:

  • Detection limit of 5,000 viral particles per ml of processed tissue (0.5g)
  • Sensitivity >90%
  • Specificity is 100%
  • Field deployable
  • Rapid detection time within 25 min with a total analysis time of less than 2h
  • User friendliness with minimal logistic load and visual read-out  

Potential Applications

Iridoviral disease is a major burden in Singapore and South-East Asia (SEA) region affecting both food fish and ornamental fishes. The application of this field detection kit has a wide market reach. With the industry switching towards oral iridovirus vaccine development, this kit will become handy to perform post vaccine monitoring of fishes in farms.

The kit can be deployed for detection of iridoviruses in both food and ornamental fishes. The current OIA platform could be further customized to detect multiple pathogens of interest.

Customer Benefits

Current technology requires the detection of iridoviruses in a laboratory setting which is slow and laborious. The Irido-OIA kit allows for rapid screening of incoming fish stock for better quarantine management.  For production farms, the kit can be used conveniently for frequent fish health monitoring.  This will enable farmers to take early intervention measures in the event of a disease outbreak, thereby reducing the financial losses which are usually associated with such events.

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