Novel Biotechnology Reduces Sugar and Calories in Juice to Near Zero

Technology Overview

While fruit and vegetable juices can be a source of vitamins, minerals and fibre, it can be a hidden source of sugar. Consumers should be given the choice to select something that is lower in sugar but still retaining the vitamins and minerals. 

A deeptech startup in the food biotechnology space has developed technology that can reduce the sugar levels and calories in juice to near zero, while preserving 100% of its original juice content and key nutrients. The technology provider is seeking food and beverage companies to adopt the technology to create more innovative healthier juice products.

Technology Features & Specifications

The company uses natural and non-genetically modified (non-GM) microbes and a proprietary sugar conversion process, to reduce the sugar levels and calories in juice to near zero without affecting the juices' original key nutrients content.

This technology also allows customisation on the level of sugar reduction, spanning the range from slightly sweet, to less sweet, and sugar free with zero calories.

Potential Applications

This technology has a broad application that includes the following:

  • New category of reduced sugar fruit and vegetable juice
  • Reduced-sugar juice as a base ingredient in foods, snacks, confectionary and dairy products

Market Trends and Opportunities

Globally, consumers have become more cautious about their sugar intake and are seeking healthier food with drinks. There is a need to offer food and drinks with lower levels of sugar while retaining the flavour and nutrients from fruit and vegetables.

Customer Benefits

This sugar reduction technology can build better and healthier juices with:

  • Near zero sugar content
  • Lower calories
  • Ability to retain the flavour and nutrients from fruit and vegetables

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