Innovative Denitrification Filter for Wastewater Treatment

Technology Overview

Deep denitrification is the basis for achieving high standard of sewage treatment for discharge or reuse of sewage. The patented technologies are applied in wastewater treatment by providing deep filter technology with precise control of denitrification biofilm and accurate filtration of the filter layer. The technology can be used in upgrading of sewage treatment over total nitrogen and deep treatment of sewage.

Technology Features & Specifications

Studies in the optimization of the structure of air and water distributor, development of the filter layer transfer model composing filtering particle in different size and mass grading, and the selection of suitable filtering material for dissolved oxygen control in the influent have been conducted. The enhancement of the existing technologies has been developed into core technologies such as precise addition of carbon source, microbial activity enhancement, resistance detection and intelligent control of the device.

Practical application has demonstrated the advantages of the technologies which include efficient denitrification, low carbon source utilization, low energy consumption, impact resistance and simple operation and management. The effluent water qualities reach or exceed the following settings: total nitrogen is less than 15 mg/L, suspended solid is less than 10 mg/L, and total phosphorus is less than 0.5 mg/L. The invented technologies have been successfully applied in numerous provinces and cities of China, Belarus and Malaysia for management of the total nitrogen in wastewater. The cumulative amount of sewage treatment is over 1 million m3/d and total nitrogen reduction is around 35.8 tons per year.

Potential Applications

The developed technologies can be applied to remove nitrogen from sewage and municipal and industrial wastewater such as application in wastewater treatment plant. In addition, the application area covers the remediation of black and smelly water body or treatment of nitrate-polluted groundwater resulting from excessive agricultural or residential fertilizer usage.

Customer Benefits

Reduce the discharge of nitrogen to the environment, improve the water quality of the environment and promote sustainable development of society and economy.

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