Image Technology for Modifying Facial Expressions in Group Selfie

Technology Overview

With the advent of digital cameras and smart phones, most people love to take group photos whenever they get together on any occasion. Getting a perfect group photo could be very challenging since someone in the group could blink, or glance away from the camera, or could have strange face expression when the shutter button is pressed.

Our group selfie technology detects facial landmarks and emotions of everyone in group photos shot in burst mode (continuous shot mode). Based on image quality, scene understanding, background analysis techniques, the most outstanding group photo (base photo) can be selected automatically or manually by end-user.

According to user’s mood choices (happy, neutral, sad, surprise, etc.) our technology can generate the best emotional group photos automatically by blending best emotion faces from different group photos onto the base photo. User can apply image enhancements to the generated group photo and post or share the photo to the social media.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Group analysis on a collection of group photos shot in burst mode.
  • Detect individual faces and analyze each face image in collection to detect the characteristic factors:
    • Body Pose,
    • Head Pose,
    • Gaze Direction,
    • Eye Blinking,
    • Face Expressions (Emotions),
    • Proxemics,
    • Scene Understanding,
    • Image Quality,
    • Saliency Detection,
    • etc.
  • Support user choice of desired context and emotion for best (optimal) group photos.
  • Generate a user-desired best emotion group selfie photo by transferring individual best emotion faces from different photos and blending into base image.
  • Post processing to further enhance the generated photo such as brightness improvement, skin improvement, color tone/intensity adjustment, contrast adjustment, filters and so on.
  • Synthesize a new face expression (emotion) with morphing if desired emotion face is not found in multiple photos in collection.
  • Generate multiple group photos with different context or different emotions.
  • Lightweight face recognition and emotion detection technology optimized for mobiles.

Potential Applications

  • Built-in photo capturing system for OEM digital cameras, instant digital cameras.
  • Standalone photo applications for smart phones (Android/iOS).
  • Photo editing applications for fun and entertainment.
  • Professional application for servicers who provide group photos.

Market Trends and Opportunities

We are seeking opportunities in:

  • proof-of-business (PoB) collaboration
  • technology licensing

We are open to work with startups and SMEs to further co-develop this technology solution for new products and services.

We will like to focus potential collaboration opportunities of this technology for smart phones applications and/or other visual capturing edge devices.

Customer Benefits

  • OEM customers (camera manufacturers) can benefit by offering group selfie mode (smart group photo mode) in camera products. Our patented technology will give an edge to their camera products over the competition.
  • End-users can utilize group selfie technology to get best group photo shots with minimum effort while many post-processing enhancements available for generated group photos.

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