High Performance Lithium-ion Battery System for Long Endurance Deep-Water Operation

Technology Overview

The 2 kWh Deep-Water Lithium-ion Battery Power Pack (DLBPP) is a pressure-tolerant lithium-ion battery system that provides a reliable, long-endurance and longer lifetime power solution for underwater systems. Many unmanned or autonomous vehicles requires stable and long battery life for their operations. On-station time needs to be long so that the vehicle can spend more time to carry out its task.

The technology relates to a smart battery management system (SBMS) with high efficiency active cell balancing technology, intelligent self-learning state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) prediction for the lithium-ion battery. The active cell balancing technology leads to 15% longer endurance and lengthens the lifetime of the battery for underwater applications. In addition, the 2 kWh battery stack module with SBMS is scalable and swappable to provide higher power capacity and increase flexibility in usage. A built-in pressure-resistant enclosure is included to increase power system reliability at high pressure conditions, up to 3000 m below sea level.

The technology owner is seeking partners to collaborate in various modes including technology licensing, consultancy project, research collaboration, etc. 

Technology Features & Specifications

  • High efficiency active cell balancing
  • Intelligent self-learning battery state of charge (SOC), i.e. depth of charge measurement
  • State of health (SOH) estimation
  • Over and under voltage battery protection
  • 15% longer endurance
  • Increased battery lifetime
  • Scalable, swappable and customisable for different applications
  • Integrated fault diagnosis detection of the battery power system
  • Built-in pressure-resistant enclosure for deep-water operations

Potential Applications

  • Primary power for autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) which can perform pre-designated subsea tasks, which is more cost effectively than remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV)
  • Primary power for equipment in time-consuming undersea search and rescue missions
  • Primary power for other underwater sensing applications

Customer Benefits

  • Longer endurance and lifetime
  • Higher power capacity with modular design
  • Swappable
  • High pressure resistance

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