eCommerce Product Categorisation Automation

Technology Overview

We have designed and implemented a product categorisation solution to help eCommerce retailers automatically categorise products and add product attribute information. 

Our artificial intelligence (AI) model has been trained on over 1 million products and has already classified over 116,000 unlabelled products into over 1250 sub-categories. We have demonstrated comparable accuracy to human labelling and have saved our clients thousands of hours of manual product categorisation.

Additionally, our solution provides our customers with powerful data for recommendation engines such as the ‘age’ recommendations for children’s toys and baby products.

Our solution also helps our customers meet regulatory requirements by identifying missing labels/information such as DVD and video game ratings.

We have a working solution in the market, used and loved by real enterprise customers.  

Technology Features & Specifications

We have a Software as a Service solution which is capable of automatically:

• Grouping similar products and assigning them to the relevant product categories

• Labelling product attributes e.g., age, size, colour

• Identification of missing labels and defects

Our solution uses the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning to categorise products based on attributes such as the product image, labels and description.

Potential Applications

Our technology can be applied for use-cases related to eCommerce / Retail sectors.

Given an eCommerce business owner whose platform may contain over thousands and millions of product types.

Manual tasks such as product categorisation, labelling and identification of certain defects of individual products will be laborious, inefficient and not scalable in terms of manpower in the long run.

Our technology’s value creation comes into play in such a setting, by creating a standard way of grouping, categorising, labelling and identification of defects with AI technologies.

Market Trends and Opportunities

We are a New Zealand AI technology company open to collaboration projects with potential partners who are seeking AI automation technologies in eCommerce and retail sectors to:

• streamline existing process for product categorisation, labelling and identifications of defects

• provide a productivity boost and reduce human errors

• enhance overall work efficiency

Customer Benefits

Our customers can save thousands of hours related to manual product inspection and categorisation works through the use of our solution.

We are also able to map potential clients’ existing product structure to our pre-existing product ontology tree, thus allowing for potential reduction of development time in a collaboration project.

We are also able to cater for different levels of predictive granularities e.g., product attributes prediction/labelling based on a potential client’s needs.

We have existing capabilities and demonstrated experience in application development and recommendation engines which will compliment customisation and personalisation of our core AI automation technology based on our partners’ technology needs.

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