Disinfection Via Patented Microplasma Oxidation Technology

Technology Overview

The use of chlorine and other chemicals are widespread in commercial laundries, pools, conventional drinking water, cooling tower disinfection systems and in our food supply chain. In the agriculture sector, the use of chemicals is prevalent during pre-harvest treatment and post-harvest stage as a common means of increasing yield and extension of shelf life of perishable crops, poultries and fisheries. However, these chemicals pose a potential health risk to human and impact the environment. The use of ozone and active oxygen species as a disinfectant agent has been known more than a century in water treatment plants.  Active oxygen species such as ozone or OH radical are known to be extremely effective for neutralizing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, cysts) and some pesticides, making it ideal for the disinfection of water, grain, and vegetables. When used for disinfection of crops, ozone produces minimal disinfection by-products or residues as compared to using chlorination and chemical treatment.

Based on patented microplasma technology, the microplasma ozone reactors provide compact, modular, rugged, light-weight and efficient solutions for water disinfection, water reuse, point of use, commercial ozone laundries, discoloration and deodorization, agricultural applications, and the extension of food storage lifetimes.

The company is seeking partnerships or collaborations for further applications and technology development for agriculture use.

Technology Features & Specifications

It has a compact form factor at more than a factor of ten (10) smaller in weight and volume than conventional ozone disinfection technology available in the market. This greatly reduces cost of ownership and weight as well as energy consumption.  It is also designed to deliver the precise dosage of ozone that is required to disinfect a given amount of water. Any unused ozone is automatically converted back to benign, atmospheric oxygen. Modular in construction, the layout is designed to be user-friendly.

Potential Applications

  • Agriculture: Pre-harvest treatment and Post-harvest storage solution for shelf-life extension of crops and treatment of livestock waste
  • Water treatment: Reduction and control of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) parameter and Coliforms
  • Food & Beverage Processing:Sanitation, sterilization treatment process
  • Cooling Tower Management System: Removal of biofilm, prevent Legionella disease spread, scaling and corrosion issue
  • Laboratory & Hospital Biohazard Waste Management: Disinfection of biohazard waste prior to disposal in-place of autoclave
  • Pool:Disinfection of swimming pool & spas

Customer Benefits

In the areas where there is a need for disinfection/ sanitation / sterilization treatment (microbiological removal or control) and purification of water and air, Microplasma technology can be applied as a sustainable green solution in place of chemical dosing. There are also no taste or odour left behind as compared to using chlorine or chemical treatment. Also, active monitoring and control of any dose in the treatment are achieved precisely with an integrated monitoring system.

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