Data-Driven Strategic Sourcing and Business Partnership Platform

Technology Overview

Our company provides a sourcing platform and online marketplace. Every buyer, seller, trade show organiser and collaborator in the trading community can leverage our platform for their strategic sourcing and business partnership needs.

By crunching large corpora of business transactions, company data and sourcing behaviour in real-time, our platform powers effective searching and provides data-driven recommendations of business partners based on our users’ sourcing needs. The platform offers a suite of B2B services - QuickSeek, RFx, Online Marketplace, Business News Feeds and premium advertising - enabling insightful business decision-making and seamless collaboration amongst partner companies.

Our core expertise is in data mining and aggregation, text analytics and hybrid recommender systems. Our platform engine is developed in-house by our squad of Agilists and data scientists. Also, we provide technology consulting and Agile coaching services to our clients.

Technology Features & Specifications

1.     Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Research and development of text analytics tools that interpret and extract contextual meaning from both structured and unstructured data to derive business insights. Our platform interprets buyers’ intentions and preferences, providing effective matching to their desired suppliers, products and/or services.

2.     Data Mining and Aggregation

Our company provide technical expertise in data mining and aggregating large corpora of textual data. Depending on our clients’ needs, this can be public or company-owned data, as well as structured or unstructured data.


We also consult in data engineering, to help our clients assess and setup their nodes, data storage layer (e.g. HDFS/HBase/Cassandra/S3 etc.), resource management layer (e.g. YARN/Mesos), Spark language interface, Spark core libraries and Spark extensions, including the adoption of cloud services and associated load balancers etc.

3.     Recommender System

At the heart of our platform is a hybrid recommender engine. Rather than just unlocking rich customer insights (such as buying interests, desired product/service prerequisites, trading partner qualifications etc), it is also able to determine the likelihood of a buyer sourcing/procuring, quitting, or recommending a product or service (intention detection and extraction). This effectively decreases customer churn, improves lead flow, and provides highly-targeted news feeds and advertising to buyers who are expressing an immediate need for your product/services.

4.   Agile Coaching

Our company lives by the three pillars of Scrum: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation. We provide Agile coaching and consultancy services to help our clients understand and embrace business agility and modern leadership.

Potential Applications

Our core technology can be used in various industry sectors in a wide array of business areas.  Below are a few applications in specific areas of our platform:  

1.     Analysing Customer and Competitive Intelligence

Collect information on customers and competitors to understand preferences, current trends, and other market information. Often, there are huge amount of data out there to be processed and analysed to gain useful insights and make new strategic plans. The process of manually compiling reports and documents relating to the customer’s needs and preferences to formulate action plans is very labor intensive. With text analytics, data mining, and recommender system, the return on investment is evident when compared to results that are achieved by manual processes.

2.     Comprehensive Specifications/ RFX Management

Customers often form their preferences and opinions through textual information, typically through high level scoping of specifications or general RFXs. Our technology will enable:

●        An integrated approach to supplier discovery

●        Establishing prerequisites and preferences to create power searches and marketing of RFXs

●        Team sourcing and evaluation

●        Sourcing and procurement audit trail

●        Interest inquiry, sales and bid pipeline tracking

3.     Generate Best-Matching Leads

Through our technology, companies are equipped to create target marketing and a strong business presence on our platform. They will find clusters of customers who share similar preferences and establish procurement/trading patterns over time. This, in turn, enables them to generate a healthy pipeline of leads, and expand viral reach through dynamic business news feeds.

Customer Benefits

●        Business strategy development: Access market dynamics, identify sourcing habits and optimise sales performance so to develop informed sourcing and sales/marketing strategy

●        Real Bottom-line results: Discover new qualified buyers and suppliers across hundreds of categories through powerful data-driven searches, competitive bids, optimised award allocations, and knowledge management.

●        Global Reach: Trade globally with the support of multiple languages and flexible interfaces

●        On-Demand Flexibility: On-demand applications (including mobile interface) for business searches and sourcing submissions. Rapid deployment process to drive project collaborations, enable sourcing and procurement.

●        Knowledge Efficiency: Allows for sustainable organisational knowledge through in-context intelligence

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