AI-enabled Digital Concierge Platform for Hospitality and Tourism Industries

Technology Overview

This digital concierge platform is an app-less, multilingual, and omnichannel chat-based platform supported by a suite of mini-applications and services. In line with our vision of creating accessible and intuitive interfaces, the digital concierge is easy to use not just for guests, but also for hotel staff and management, who are key stakeholders in the hotel experience as well.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our Technology Features include

  1. Hotel compendium & travel FAQs
  2. Facilities booking
  3. Room & poolside service
  4. Housekeeping & item requests
  5. Pre-stay customisation
  6. Items loaning
  7. Health declaration form (SG Clean)
  8. Attractions ticket purchase
  9. Taxi booking
  10. Restaurant booking
  11. Post-stay feedback
  12. Housekeeping request monitoring & alert
  13. Housekeeping job dispatch & assignment
  14. Omnichannel live chat
  15. Admin content editing & look customisation
  16. Data analytics


Potential Applications

The application can be employed in the hospitality industry, including hotels, and F&B services.

Customer Benefits

By adopting our solution, end users will enjoy the benefits including:

  • Increase ancillary revenue e.g. F&B orders and spa bookings
  • Generate room and restaurant leads
  • Automate majority of requests and queries
  • Reduce manpower needed for call centre / front desk
  • Streamlined processes
  • High usage rates (since app download is not required)

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