AI-driven Solution to Drive Efficiency in Industrial Operations

Technology Overview

The technology provider has developed a holistic platform to help corporates improve their operation efficiency. The result of several years of R&D, the solution is a cloud-to-edge IIoT platform that manages the life cycle of AI-trained “agents” or models: training, deployment, and autonomous operation. It leverages on data science, streaming and processing industrial data through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The platform makes it possible to deploy AI-trained “agents” in the heart of operations. These agents continuously and autonomously optimise processes and operate machines. By relocating decision making in operations and automating it with AI, the platform reduces the costs and time required to fulfill the promises of Industry 4.0. Additionally, the technology provider can also provide assistance in project management, implementation, and AI model development.

Technology Features & Specifications

The platform provides end-to-end AI deployment solutions for industrial operations, from data collection to model creation, training, testing, and scaling. It is agnostic of data sources and can integrate with wide variety of operational data such as from sensors and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

The platform consists of three main building blocks:

  • Connect: A set of connectors for data acquisition with native connectivity to a wide spectrum of machines, video & audio signals, and customizable interfaces for manual entry. Captured data can be organised due to build-in asset framework and associated with a comprehensive of unit of measures to ensure proper use of data.
  • Analyse: A data studio allowing to code models in python or R, and to associate models with workflows.
  • Deploy: Packaging and orchestration solution that allow AI agents to run autonomously and safely, on-premise or in the cloud, or using a hybrid cloud-to-edge architecture with advanced data synchronization routines.

Potential Applications

The technology is used in a variety of verticals including energy, utilities, transport, logistics, manufacturing, chemicals, mining. It can be used to optimize operations or embedded to add value and add a smart layer to product and services.

Customer Benefits

The platform offers end-to-end AI management capabilities, allowing clients to consolidate their expert knowledge and leveraging the platform for advanced analytics throughout the organization. In the context of Covid19, it facilitates remote operations of assets with AI.

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