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Seeking Natural Gelatin Substitute that Meets Kosher & Halal Requirements

Gelatin—a protein product made from animal-based collagen—is used in multiple food applications...

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Seeking Highly Available and Affordable Alternatives to Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is commonly used in commercial cooking, given its versatility and low cost of production....

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Seeking Digestible Soluble & Insoluble Dietary Fibres

Dietary fibres—a complex carbohydrate comprising both soluble and insoluble fibres—are essential to our gut and overall...

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Seeking Natural Sweetener Alternatives with Compatible Bulking Agents

High intensity sweeteners (HIS) and sweetener systems, which are many times sweeter than sugar, are widely...

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Seeking Snack Ingredients that Promote Well-Being

Globally, consumers are increasingly aware of the role that food plays in health, becoming more conscious of how food—including...

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Seeking Gluten-Free Bakery Ingredients and Technologies

Globally, a growing number of consumers are opting for gluten-free products. This is due to the increasing number of people...

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