Seeking Technology Partner with Drone Capabilities

Background / Description

A Singapore robotics company that develops industrial-grade drones, a drone operations platform, and drone data solutions for enterprises, governments, and professional drone operators is seeking a technology partner with preferably a presence in Singapore. Their intent is to jointly collaborate on medical drone deliveries that covers the following applications:

  1. Medical Operations
  2. Aerial Logistics
  3. Medical Cold Chain

Technical Specifications

The Singapore company is currently running drone delivery trials for a hospital group in Singapore and would like to further expand the scope to include the following:

  1. Cold Chain (of biohazards)
  2. Drone Ports (on rooftops of hospitals and labs)
  3. Specialised medical equipment (extremely light / small, designed for drones)

Items they have been delivering so far: Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs), Blood specimens.

Items other drone companies have been delivering: Kidneys, other cell specimens, poison antidotes, body parts, and other emergency medical devices or drugs.

The Singapore company is seeking a partner with preferably a presence in Singapore to collaborate on at least one of the above. They envision this final combined system to be deployable in any urban environment in the world.

The Singapore company will build the necessary drone and integrate the custom payload for the hospital and handle the legal and compliance of the system and operations in Singapore / South East Asia. They will also operate the full system, and train the hospital staff to eventually operate the system.

They would like the partner to possess some, if not all the following:

  1. the business capability to connect the traditional medical logistics to the drone capabilities, typically logistics companies
  2. the technical capability to re-design medical equipment for drones, e.g. customize an AED onto a drone, typically a medical equipment manufacturer
  3. the capability to build miniature temperature control packaging systems suitable for drone delivery, typically a packaging manufacturer
  4. the technical capability to re-design drone ports to allow for a variety of drones to take off, land, and charge, usually on top of a hospital and/or lab but could be anywhere, typically a drone port constructor and/or operator
  5. the financial capability to setup and operate drone ports, typically landlords like seaports, estate or building owners

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing

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