Seeking Technologies and Partners to Design and Develop an Acoustic Health Device

Background / Description

A company based in Singapore is looking for a technology partner that has industry knowledge and capabiities in telehealth and health-tech to co-develop a wearable device that is able to detect vital signals of the body. This non-invasive device would be coupled with an interactive software application that proactively learns and tracks for anomalies in the respiratory and/or cardiovascular patterns. We have already assessed use cases for the concept and have generated a list of interested consumers. We are interested in co-developing the opportunity further with a technology partner, or licensing the technology that is commercially available and tech-ready. 

Technical Specifications

Acoustic Microphone sensor and accelerometer

Wireless data Transmission using Bluetooth/NB-IoT or similar methods
Kinetic or Piezoelectric battery power saving detection and tracking technology

Interactive Software:
Phonocardiogram (PCG): To plot recordings of sounds and murmurs made by the heart

Tele-auscultation: To plot readings of sounds made by the lungs through digital means
The accuracy required for the plotting must be at least 98% accurate. 

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing

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