Seeking Mechanical Energy Harvesting Technologies for Container Crane Operation

Background / Description

The company is involved in the ports and terminals business. During container crane operation, the crane will lift containers averaging 20 tonnes in weight. The container will be transported using a trolley truck over a distance of more than 50 metres between the vessel and the landside for container loading and discharging operation.

The trolley will transverse horizontally on 2 sets of rail track. The total weight is between 40 tonnes (empty trolley) to 90 tonnes (when carrying full laden containers). As the trolley’s wheels transverse over the rails, there will be compression and decompression force exerted on the base of the rails.

The company is seeking energy harvesting technologies to supplement the electrical energy usage during container handling operation.

Technical Specifications

The company is seeking energy harvesting technologies that can be ideally mounted underneath the base of the trolley rail that convert mechanical and compression force to electrical energy. The electrical energy generated from these harvesting technologies will be connected to the crane electrical system to supplement its electrical energy use.

The desired technical specifications are as follow:

  • Heavy duty mechanical / compression force to electrical conversion technologies
  • Able to withstand the high operation compression force of not less than 90 tonnes or 883 KN when a trolley with fully laden containers passed/ transverse through the rails
  • Able to be mounted in outdoor environment with the following requirements:
    • Protection class of IP66
    • Passed the ISO9227 spray salt test of 720H
    • Have a lightning surge protection of +/-2 kV according to IEC61000-4-5:2005
    • Passed the IEC60068 vibration and shock test of 5G

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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