Seeking Innovative Learning Solutions for InnovPLUS November 2020 Challenge Statements by iN.LAB - Institute for Adult Learning (IAL)

Background / Description


The InnovPLUS Grant is a competitive learning innovation grant challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to S$200,000 to winning organisations, for the development of innovative, feasible and scalable prototype, which advances Continuing Education and Training (CET) practice and outcome. The InnovPLUS is organised by Innovation Lab (iN.LAB) of the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL).

This year NOVEMBER 2020, the InnovPLUS will provide new opportunity for Technology Owners/Solution Providers to join the ranks of the 19 enterprises, who have previously won the coveted InnovPlus Grant. Winners of the challenge will receive the prestigious FLAME Award which is worth up to S$200,000 as prototype development grant to solve real-world learning challenges.

Information on the challenge statements are provided in the Technical Specifications.

Technology Owners/Solution Providers looking to explore or participate in this call may refer to the official website for InnovPLUS November 2020. (ref:

Please note that to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) as a Solution Partner (SP), only Singapore-registered business entities, Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or persons employed by a business entity registered in Singapore and who are at least eighteen (18) years old at time of participation may apply. More details can be found in the Information Kit.

The Expression of Interest Form can be refered to via this link.


Technical Specifications

A total of 7 Challenge Statements for lnnovPLUS NOVEMBER 2020 have been received, calling for innovative learning solutions. Solutions are sought to be pitched to the Challenge Owner organisations, where participants stand a chance of forming a Challenge Team to vie for the lnnovPLUS prototyping Grant of up to S$200,000.


Challenge Statement Index

Organisation Pseudonym

Challenge Statement


Escape Master

We are a corporate escape room seeking a digitised escape room solution to enable the swift and efficient development of company specific skills training. The solution will help adult participants learn or teach specific skills in a dynamic and motivating environment.



AB Hospital

We are a public hospital seeking a learning solution to translate the theory-based knowledge of pressure injuries into practical skills for nurses through lifelike experience in a simulated environment. The solution would also serve as a platform where new best practices related to pressure injuries are accessible by nurses at their own time and place. We envisage that the solution would enhance the users' learning experiences with better retention of pressure injury related knowledge that could be translated to better quality of care rendered to patients, leading to improvement of patient outcomes.



Isle Oasis in the City

We are a luxury hotel property in the Marina Bay District seeking a learning solution to aid in the cross training of staff so as to develop a deeper talent resource pool for cross deployment during critical periods in the hotel operations.




We are a payment technology and merchant service company seeking a learning solution to enhance the skills training and competency assessment of payment solution executives. We envisage that the solution would enhance the proper KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures are followed with simulations of screening, approving, on-boarding and implementing merchants' digital payment gateway. This will be in compliance with the MAS requirements.




We are a HR consulting services company seeking a learning solution that would support data driven skills assessment to shape continuous coaching to help both internal staff of organisations as well as individuals in job transitions and seeking to pivot in a post-COVID 19 world.



Academic Medical Centre

We are a tertiary academic medical centre seeking an adaptive learning solution to teach multi-professional teams best practices for safe guarding against and minimising medication errors, which may happen at any of the many touchpoints in patient treatment throughout the hospital. The solution must allow real-time and personalised assessment and feedback to multi-professional collaborative teams.



Population Health

We are a hospital of Singapore’s Public Healthcare System seeking a learning solution to increase awareness and understanding of active aging amongst community and employees. We envisage the solution to be highly personalised, predictive and engaging.


Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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