Seeking Eco-friendly UV Light Stabilizers

Background / Description

Polymers are continuously subjected to the action of different stress factors, such as oxygen, heat, UV light, mechanical stress, humidity, etc. during their processing and service life, undergoing overall oxidative degradation that causes performance and property deterioration.

To improve the resistance at high temperatures and long-term weatherability of the polymers during their manufacturing and usage, synthetic antioxidants and UV light stabilizers are added. However, many of these established UV light stabilizers are of emerging concern to human health, the environment and natural resources, as they are evidently present in our aquatic ecosystems and persistent in the environment.

The company is seeking eco-friendly and/or alternative compounds suitable to be used as UV light stabilizers for the plastic industry.

Technical Specifications

The proposed technology should be non-toxic and have at least one of the following functionalities:

  • Absorbing UV light and effective for long term exposures
  • Quenching the excited state of carbonyl groups formed during photo-oxidation
  • Deactivating/trapping the free radicals formed during photo-oxidation

The technology should also be validated in lab (at least TRL 4), along with demonstrated laboratory or pilot scale data. Ideally, the proposed compound should also be readily available for performance evaluation.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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