Seeking Complementary Tech Providers to Enhance AI Predictive and Diagnostic Capabilities

Background / Description

A Singapore technology-based company, in the market of business advisory, training and coaching services, is building its AI algorithm capabilities to convert quantitative and qualitative data into predictive and diagnostic actionable insights for businesses. The AI system uses data to run predictive models and provide consumer trend and behaviour pattern analytics to improve and measure performance outcomes.

The company is seeking collaboration opportunities with SME tech providers, who have complementary technologies, to strengthen its customer value proposition and extend its market reach in Asia. Partner SMEs must be from one of 14 participating countries, with the interest to submit joint R&D project proposals in the EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call.

Technical Specifications

The Singapore technology-based company is seeking to expand its AI algorithm system and capabilities to help businesses collect data, run predictive models and influence consumer behaviour so as to increase business performance.

The technology sought includes capabilities in areas such as:

  • Voice recognition
  • Text analytics
  • Emotion and facial tracking
  • Physical well-being tracking
  • Algorithm predictive and diagnostic analytics
  • Visual analytics

In turn, as project lead, the tasks of the Singapore company are to:

  1. Build the prototype using strong AI algorithm capabilities to collect, read, interpret, predict and diagnose quantitative and qualitative data
  2. Search for appropriate related technologies, products or services that can augment business or academic performance
  3. Bring collaborative technology, products and services into the Asian market

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration

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