Seeking Botanical Extraction Technologies for Functional Ingredient Production

Background / Description

Continually developing ingredients from nature in a range of categories -- from skin, diet, joint and muscle health to hangover cures, a global health functional food company is seeking novel and high-yield botanical extraction technologies to add to its innovative manufacturing technology pipeline. The botanical extraction technologies should enable the company to continue obtaining unique, high value-added and functional ingredients for the formulation of its consumer products such as nutritional supplements, functional goods, drug therapies and alternative medicines. As the ingredients extracted are ultimately going to be ingested by consumers, the solvents for extraction should be based on food-grade standards such as water and ethanol. 

Technical Specifications

On top of being food-grade compliant, the botanical extraction technologies sought should feature a production yield significantly higher than the current market standard, with a high content of active component extracted preferable. The technologies offered should not require additional equipment investment from the company and should be applicable to the company's current production process quickly.

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