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Technology Offers ( Logistics )

Warehouse Pick-Path Optimization

With increasing demand and shorter fulfilment times for orders across different industries, the need to fill these orders more efficiently through optimal manpower...

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Packaging and Storage Optimization Software

Our technology is twofold and makes it possible to minimize the volume used to ship, store or transport products, reducing costs and improving use of...

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A Fully Automated and Self-service Secure Locking System for Access Control with Electronic Workflow and Auditing

This techology is a fully automated physical security locking solution system that...

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Warehouse Robot-Agnostic Controller

With increasing reliance on robots within 4 walled environments for picking and the like, the task of robotics fleet has increased significantly in difficulty....

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Object Tracking with Dual-Layer Design, Deblurring & Car License Plate Recognition

This video analytics technology, with licence plate recognition with high speed deblurring, sits on a surveillance...

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Blockchain-Enabled SaaS for Authenticity & Provenance in Aerospace & Other Industries

We developed a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to facilitate aerospace certification, secured engineering...

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Online Logistics Coordination Network with Modular Services

Traditional logistics management systems are designed to track vehicles and gather data for management reports, failing to connect drivers...

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End-to-end UWB/BLE Based Indoor Location Tracking Solution

Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare to streamline their operations and increase...

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Automatic Measurement of Tire Pressure, Tread Depth & Sidewall for Drive-through Vehicles

The global vehicle fleet runs on over 5 Billion tires. Their maintenance is critical to safety and fuel...

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