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Manpower Scheduling System

This technology helps to automate shift scheduling and manpower allocation process to improve labour productivity. An effective manpower scheduling is crucial, yet...

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Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM)

The S-MOM solution is an integrated Production Planning, Scheduling and Shop Floor Tracking system. It fills the gap between the Enterprise System (...

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All-in-one Agile Planning & Collaboration App for Organizational Productivity Improvement

The technology is an agile project & team collaboration platform. Collaborative creation, planning and...

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Full-Stack Blockchain Platform - High-Speed, Ultra-Scalable, and Regulatory-Compliant

A Polish company has built its own full stack blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform that...

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Bluetooth-based Indoor Location Tracking Solution

Radio frequency localization principle is based on measurement of Received Signal Strength (RSS) from the anchor transmitters. Further corrections are...

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A Web-based Tool to Identify Workplace Bullying Risk

Worldwide, many employees experienced serious workplace bullying; this has significant negative mental health impacts for workers.There is a gap...

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Blockchain Technology for Food and Traceability of Information

Blockchain-based technology to improve business data management, traceability of information and data security in any sector,...

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Digital Health & Safety Briefings and Contactless Site Access for Engineering Works

Before teams can access a construction site or track, they have to be fully briefed and go through a sign-in process...

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Contact Tracing & Social Distancing Solutions

Our current methods for Contact Tracing & Social Distancing requires a lot of manpower – staffs manually taking temperature with handheld thermometers...

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