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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Computer-Simulated Environments )

Immersive Panoramic Communication between Remote Users via Mixed Reality System

Advances in telecommunication technologies have made video conferencing an integral part of our daily lives. Video...

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Electrochromic Coatings With Variable Tinting for Augmented Reality Glasses

Rapid developments in the utility and performance of consumer electronics and wearable devices give rise to the demand for...

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Virtual Reality App for Reducing Chronic Neck and Back Pain and Improving Movement

Injuries happen to everyone at some stage. Unfortunately, these injuries can result in pain that persists beyond...

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Mobile Augmented Reality Instructional Manuals (MARIM)

The system utilises Augemented Reality (AR) Technology to provide visual instructions overlaid in the real environment for the trainee. The...

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Machine Vision, Machine Learning, and Mixed Reality for Worker Training

We use machine vision, machine learning, and augmented reality (AR) in order to be able to give real-time feedback if a process...

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Online Virtual Experience (OVE) for MICE Industry

Online Virtual Experience (OVE) is a brand new virtual platform that enables your MICE (Meetings-Incentives-Conference-Exhibitions) expos and...

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Automatically Generated Synthetic Data for Computer Vision Neural Networks Training

Using machine learning for computer vision applications is extremely time consuming since many pictures need to be...

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Real-time Inspection and Verification with Millimetre Accuracy

We help companies perfect their manufacturing process by providing real-time and highly accurate inspection technology, every step of the...

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System of Evaluating the Quality of Surgical Suturing

Suturing is considered a fundamental skill in all areas of surgery. There is a lack of standardized scoring for microsurgical and regular surgical...

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