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Novel Therapy for Cartilage Regeneration and Rapid Long-term Pain Relief in Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a debilitating joint disease which is characterized by breakdown of the articular...

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Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Millimeter-Wave Indoor Real-time Location System

There is a need in healthcare delivery for higher accuracy location sensing at low costs. The Covid-19 pandemic has...

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Bladder Cancer Diagnostic

An immunocapture device that specifically captures bladder cancer cells from urine for analysis.Bladder cancer is on average the 9th most common (the chance of developing...

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Non-invasive Prostate Cancer Detection Device

A biosensor for the selective capture and detection of prostate cancer cells in urineProstate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and,...

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Virtual Reality App for Reducing Chronic Neck and Back Pain and Improving Movement

Injuries happen to everyone at some stage. Unfortunately, these injuries can result in pain that persists beyond...

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Digital Foam - A Touch Sensitive Foam Surface

Our researchers have developed a ‘Digital Foam’ material that recognizes and responds to touch. The foam material is highly flexible and can accurately...

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Assessing Solid Tumour Cancer Progression

A set of biomarkers and method for assessing cancer progression in solid tumour cancers such as breast, lung & colorectalReceptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs)...

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Versatile Medical Suction Device

Tracheostomy involves opening the area beneath the larynx, inserting into the tiny opening a properly shaped device, usually bent at right angles, and securing it to...

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Novel Marker for High Sensitivity Detection of Human DNA

Human DNA contamination is an issue in the process of manufacturing devices for molecular and genomic applications. Such devices need to be...

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