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Creating Novel Healthier Food Formulations Through Systematic Analysis and Design

There is currently a rising trend of functional foods with modified nutritional profiles. This is partly in answer to...

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Electronic Textile Based Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Rehabilitation Glove

An electronic textile based glove that provides electrical stimulation to finger joints and hand to alleviate chronic pain...

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An In-Vitro Digestion Model Mimicking The Stomach Conditions

Digestion is a complex process involving various enzymatic processes and conditions. Digestion is important as food is broken down...

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Customizable Sensor Platform for Highly Specific Analyte Detection

This is essentially a highly specific molecular sensor based on cutting edge optical sensing technology. It is completely label...

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World’s only PPC (Plant Protein Composite) Bio Ink and 3D Printed Bioscaffold

Bioscaffold, with potential to recreate structural and physical environment of a living tissue, are key components in...

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Therapeutic Inhibitor for EBV-Associated Cancers with Responsive Optical Imaging Function

EBV is a ubiquitous human herpes virus, which spreads through saliva. Infection is very common and most people...

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Cancer Catcher - Early detection of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC)

Our CTC technique offers a personalised early cancer detection for patients, tracking cancer metastasis, cancer relapse, and giving...

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Multifunctional Syringe for Protection of Healthcare Workers

This is a medical device, a syringe, which solves the problem of the danger of infecting patients and health care workers with diseases...

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Tactile Telerobot

Robots are being deployed to carry out tasks that are Dull, Dirty, Dangerous, Demanding, Distant and Distributed (Six D's), but they lack intelligence, dexterity and/or human touch....

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