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Portable Audiometer

People who suffer from hearing problems need to monitor their hearing in real time, collect and analyze the acquired data and ensure instant access to the ENT...

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Wearable, Low-Cost Device For Examination Of Visual Evoked Potentials (VEPs)

The registration of electrical activity of the human brain based on examining visual evoked potencial (VEPs) during a...

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Photoacoustic Sensor for Non-invasive Glucose and Core Temperature Measurement

Currently, glucose levels and blood core temperatures are measured by the invasive devices and methods, and no...

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The Noisy Guts Project

The Noisy Guts Project  is dedicated to unlocking the gut’s secret language to diagnose and monitor common gut disorders.Our innovation is an acoustic belt that is worn...

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Acoustic Sorting of Biological Cells

Cell sorting is used to identify, count and extract specific target cells from a generic population, such as blood for disease diagnosis or cell cultures for...

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InterSense: An Intelligent Environmental and Physiological Data-recording Smartwatch

Intersense is an advanced sensor wearable datalogger designed by Digital Health Innovation Centre (DHIC)...

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Laryngoscope Blade with Adjustable Blade Curvature

The laryngoscopy blade is used to facilitate endotracheal intubation. It is also a lifesaving procedure for obtunded patients who are unable to...

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Handheld Device For Early Detection of Multiple Cancer and Cardiac Disease Biomarkers

Early detection of cancer and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is very important to increase the survival rate of...

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Soft Microtubular Sensors for Biomedical Applications

Value Proposition: We developed a flexible, stretchable, wearable, and washable piezoresistive microtubular sensor that is highly sensitive to...

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