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Technology Needs ( Foods - Ingredients )

Seeking Revolutionary Plant Protein Sources

The technology seeker seeks to incorporate new plant proteins into their world-class foods and beverages.Consumers are increasingly selecting products that...

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Seeking Proposals for Non-fat Coating Syrup and Binder Syrup

The technology seeker is interested in understanding if a no added sugar, no added fat coating syrup and binder syrup can be developed....

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Seeking Personalised Nutrition Solutions for Supplements and Functional Foods

Personalised nutrition—individually-tailored nutrition that works just right for each body and microbiome—is a growing...

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Seeking Innovation in Snacking

A global snacking company is seeking technologies or ingredient options to produce snacks differently. Snacks that deliver a sense of emotional and physical well-being...

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Seeking Natural Sweetener Alternatives with Compatible Bulking Agents

High intensity sweeteners (HIS) and sweetener systems, which are many times sweeter than sugar, are widely used as an alternative...

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Seeking Gluten-Free Bakery Ingredients and Technologies

Globally, a growing number of consumers are opting for gluten-free products. This is due to the increasing number of people diagnosed with...

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Seeking Highly Available and Affordable Alternatives to Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is commonly used in commercial cooking, given its versatility and low cost of production. However, the...

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Seeking Botanical Extraction Technologies for Functional Ingredient Production

Continually developing ingredients from nature in a range of categories -- from skin, diet, joint and muscle health to...

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Seeking Clean Label, Real Fruit Fillings with Broad Applicability

With a growing demand for personalised and healthy foods, there is a trend towards food that is natural and free of artificial...

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