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Scalable, Cost-effective Calorimeter for Thermal Monitoring of Batteries

Battery cells must be tested for performance and operational reliability from the design phase to the production process,...

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Self-assembled Nanofibrous Air Filter

Air pollution poses serious health threats. Even limited exposure to air pollutants, such as during haze periods, can trigger respiratory symptoms and aggravate...

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Algorithm that Predicts Chemical Dose Rate Required to Remove Dissolved Organic Carbon

Chemical coagulants are used at water treatment plants to remove dissolved organic material to improve water...

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Pavement System Solution To Lower Ambient Temperature And Building Energy Demand

An urban heat island (UHI) is a high-density urban area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding low density...

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World’s Smallest Flow Sensor for Integration into Smart Systems

A European start-up company has developed the world's smallest gas flow sensor. The tiny 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm CMOS MEMS sensor is small...

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Molecularly Imprinted Piezoelectric Quartz Sensor

The sensor technology is based on molecular imprinting and piezoelectric effect that enable real-time and label-free sensing of mass changes and...

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Real-time Water Quality Monitoring and Sensing by a Smart Autonomous Surface Vessel

The technology described herein is a smart robotic autonomous platform and water sampler, with the ability to...

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Modifiable Porous Hollow Silica Microsphere

A porous hollow silica microsphere that can be used for different applications with high economic and ecological impact has been developed for applications...

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Robust, Real-Time Outdoor Monitoring of Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids

A New Zealand company has developed a device that provides real-time continuous water turbidity and sediment monitoring,...

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