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Scalable, Cost-effective Calorimeter for Thermal Monitoring of Batteries

Battery cells must be tested for performance and operational reliability from the design phase to the production process,...

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Smart Underwater Battery Power System for ROVs

Ships coming into docks are required to undergo hull inspections and dock position checks. This task is traditionally performed by human divers. Recently...

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Active Battery Management System

The proposed technology relates to a battery management system (BMS) equipped with active cell balancing technology and sophisticated state-of-charge (SOC) ...

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High Performance Lithium-ion Battery System for Long Endurance Deep-Water Operation

The 2 kWh Deep-Water Lithium-ion Battery Power Pack (DLBPP) is a pressure-tolerant lithium-ion battery system that...

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Radio-Frequency Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer System

The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) allows more sensors to be used for monitoring, detection and security purposes....

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Low Power Flexible Free-Shape Heater

The invention liberates users of heaters from the constraints of fixed shapes and sizes predetermined by the flexible heater manufacturers. Our technology, in...

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World’s Smallest Flow Sensor for Integration into Smart Systems

A European start-up company has developed the world's smallest gas flow sensor. The tiny 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm CMOS MEMS sensor is small...

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Molecularly Imprinted Piezoelectric Quartz Sensor

The sensor technology is based on molecular imprinting and piezoelectric effect that enable real-time and label-free sensing of mass changes and...

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Battery Management System to Refurbish Lithium-ion Batteries

Recycling or refurbishing of lithium-ion batteries is crucial in tackling the challenges of climate change and air pollution. While there...

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