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Passive Cooling Films and Fibers

The global energy dilemma and climate warming are becoming increasingly serious, with fifteen percent of the electricity being used for the cooling system. With...

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Scalable, Cost-effective Calorimeter for Thermal Monitoring of Batteries

Battery cells must be tested for performance and operational reliability from the design phase to the production process,...

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Wearable High Accuracy Non Optical Movement Analyzer with Real Time Data

This innovation provides an easy to use, accurate wearable motion tracking and digitalization technology. Healthcare, sport,...

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IoT Platform Using Wireless Power Transfer

This technology offer is a Wireless Power Network (WPN) that provides seamless wireless power and high-quality data integration, without the need for...

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Smart Underwater Battery Power System for ROVs

Ships coming into docks are required to undergo hull inspections and dock position checks. This task is traditionally performed by human divers. Recently...

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Magnetic Flux Controlling Technology for Work Holding

A Korean company is seeking to commercialize its innovative magnetic flux-controlling technology. The technology helps to hold or detach a...

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Social Distancing Monitoring Solutions

Reduce Risk of Coronavirus SpreadCompanies across the world have closed their facilities due to Covid19, and many are looking to establish new safety protocols...

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Textiles with Thermal Identification

Woven authentication pattern in textile is an important method for identification, which commonly include fibers with different colors, such as security labels....

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Advanced Functional Fibers and Fabrics

This technology enables the seamless integration of multiple functional components into one flexible fiber with precise control over nanometre-level architecture...

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