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Technology Offers ( Electronics - Embedded Systems )

Remote Data Acquisition for Failure Analysis

Monitoring and improving product reliability is a main concern in multi-stage manufacturing processes. The reduction of human labour in manufacturing...

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Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Quantization Flow for Edge Computing & Embedded AI

This software package deploys an ultra-low loss quantization method that provides Convolutional Neural Network (...

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Quantum Converter Technology

Quantum computers will solve certain types of complex problems that are intractable for conventional computers today but of critical importance for society, such as drug...

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Compact Photonics Sensing Solutions and Predictive Maintenance for Harsh Environments

This technology offer is a sensing solution based on photonic sensors combined with advanced machine learning,...

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Quantum-enhanced Transducer Technology

This technology offer is a microscale-sized quantum transducer - essentially a microwave single-photon sensor, capable of remotely and passively measuring low...

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Micro-Beacon System for Monitoring and Tracking

The Micro-Beacon system consists of tiny (<10mm) battery-operated beacons and a network of one or more receivers. These beacons may be tagged onto...

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Accurate, Non-invasive, Wearable Solution for Core Body Temperature Measurements

Core body temperature is an important vital sign indicating the health status of a person. This technology offer is a...

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Small Footprint Energy Harvesting Power Management Solution for Low Power IoT Applications

This technology offer is an energy harvesting power management IC intended for use in low power IoT devices...

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Self-powered Sub-nanowatt Microcontroller with On-chip Solar Cell for IoT Devices

This technology offer is a sub-nanowatt microcontroller that can continue to operate even when the device battery runs...

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